what up, bitches.

went to lunch with my out of work friend matthew. ladies, he's single. and don't get the wrong idea by out of work. he pretty much shits gold bricks. and he's related to JFK.

anywho. DO NOT go to acme on great jones. it's like jone's cafe's retarded half brother that is kept in a basement so as not to embarrass the family.

started of with chicken gumbo. after you get used to the soapy flavor, it's not that bad. and there was no gristle in any of my bites, which is always a plus.

then had red beans and rice. now this was just pathetic. it was like the opened a can of goya red beans, and poured it over some uncle bens instant rice. NO FLAVA. i doused it with all the hot sauces they had, but it didn't help.

the chicken tenders were interesting. a little dry. but ketchup made it wet and tangy. if you're feeling generous, and run into a crew of homeless children, you could feed them all with one order. it was ridiculously huge. and a little dry.

that was that. paid with a card. don't drink the iced tea, it was murkey.


Shorts said...

Do I hear.....Road Trip!!!

hungry girl said...

wait. shorts? is your real name monte?

Shorts said...

No ma'am.

girly-girl said...

I'll take out of work Michael please!

girly-girl said...

damn... short term memory loss....
Matthew... I meant to say Matthew