on lafayette. salad, goat cheese, apples, bread. blah. making assistant go get a me a burger from mcdonalds right now cause i can't eat this rabbit shit.

very hungover. question: if a tree falls in a forrest, and no one hears it. did it happen? so, like, if i pretend i didn't retardedly text the boy 3 times with no response, did it happen? well. i am pretending it didn't. and i'll pretend he never got them. retard. me. retard.

maybe it was the cliche of a night i had that put me over the edge. fancy dress at a fancy benefit, then late dinner at waverly inn, then dancing with smoking french guys at beatrice inn (lots of inn's, but no in and out. ha.) such a fun night that all ended in shit. no cash to buy water from deli. tried to use my ATM card, but got the pin number wrong 3 times (retard) so it locked up and i couldn't withdraw. walked to another deli. different ATM machine, same problem. feet hurt from walking in 4" jimmy choo's (that ex was with me when i got) so i took them off and walked home barefoot. alone. at 3 in the morning. one block from where some girl was attempted raped two weeks ago. (retard).

well, woke up this morning and i had texted a bunch of random friends... the boy. i also noticed i was missing one shoe. i lost one shoe in a matter of one block.

like cindarella. just waiting for that mother fucking prince to show up at my door. with my shoe. cause all i really want is that shoe.

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alias said...

smoked turkey pesto panini is good there. don't fuck with the salads. very blah.