i may or may not have once bought drugs from a guy with the same name.

i also may or may not have had sex in the bathroom here.

but both of those may or may not have been AGES ago.

this place is an icon. they are klassy, accommodating if they know you, and the food is just impeccable. or however you spell it. (tool lazy to do the spell check thing on here)

went with my friend howard. poor howard. he was having a quiet dinner with his brother at pastis. but, just their luck, they sat next to me. after a good half hour of torturous questions, they finally capitulated and became my firends.

howard is great. he boxes. he is divorced and is still best friends with his ex-wife. he has similar patholigies to mine.

in the conversation tonight, i found out howard's girlfriend's age. everything changed. she is the same age as me. so now i see the whole relationship differently. i am an agist. sorry. (but that's the only -ist i am. i swear. what!? i listen to reggae AND i love chinese food.)

but come on, i listened to all the stories about this woman/girl, about how she was slowly trying to move in, but he didn't want it. about how she had promised him she didn't want children even though she didn't have any with her first marriage.

like, OF COURSE, totally normal for a 45 year old woman to not need kids, and OF COURSE, totally normal for him not to want to move in with a 45 year old woman after they both had failed marriages. who needs it? just have fun in your mid life crises sort of relationship!!

but 30? come on, howard. she is lying. she wants to live with you, she wants to marry you, she wants you to one day give in to having children with her. I KNOW. I AM 30. I HAVEN'T GIVEN UP THOSE DREAMS YET. (although, casey, if you are reading this, fuck you. this has nothing to do with you).

ANYWAY. food.

started off with oysters. good.

then salmon tartar. some sort of fancy prefix to the salmon, like, where they caught it....but who knows. good. served with little papadam chips--that was weird. lemon creme fresh--that wasn't necessary. and those huge, hideaous, fish egg things. roe? ugh...those are just gnarly.

jane and i split the steak au poivre, because you just have to when you're there. oh. my. god. it's like CRUSTED with pepper corns, and the chips are to die for. the actual steak is unreal. and if you read this blog ever, you know it takes a lot for me to eat cooked animal muscle.

we didn't have room for dessert.

but these ho's did. it's like a big helmet of spun sugar with a cake and a candle inside. howard was begging me to lie and say it was my birthday. but i was ready to puke up my meat so i just coudln't.

love you howard.

raoul's is on prince and sullivan.


Jane said...

Good wine too. Love you Howard.

JackRabbit said...

"i also may or may not have had sex in the bathroom here."

So that's your move, huh?