caribbean queen

hi there. jet blue flies to sint maarten. so if you pick the right days, you can get down there for about $200.

sister, jane, and i went for a little 3 day get away. it was really great. except for the last hour on the beach when the guy sitting next to us had a heart attack and died. right there. next to us. blue in the face, dead. my sis, she's a 4th year med student, she and another nurse tried...they did what they could but she told me and jane that she knew the guy was a goner when he hadn't taken a breath or regained a pulse for over 5 minutes. poor fella. we let EMT take over when they arrived. we had a plane to catch!

(a moment for the man who died on a beach with his gay lover, speedos, and a glass of white wine...from one heaven to the next).

the best food is on the french side of the island. eating salad with fresh crab meat and drinking rose for lunch while on a beach is kinda amazing. the whole euro thing really fucked us up, though. so we couldn't afford domain ott. just the ghetto chateaux lacoste. here is jane trying to not look heartbroken that we weren't drinking cliquot rose.

the best was the back door entrance to st. barth's. fly like we did, into SXM. take a boat with all the other old middle classers to the st. tropez of the caribbean. yay! one person puked on the ferry. that was cool.

i must say. st. barth's is the cutest place ever! the guys are totally gorgeous, and especially the one's cleaning the mega yachts. (yes cleaning, not owning. the crew were to DIE for. but not like the guy on the beach died. more a figure of speech thing).

but watch out. you will be raped blind by the prices. we had breakfast. 3 coffees, 1 croissant, 2 orders of scrambled eggs. $37 dollars. the eggs didn't come with anything. just eggs. not even a garnish of parsley.

they were excellent eggs though, and so was the cafe.

ok, so maybe $37 isn't that bad for a quaint petit dejeuner. and, in all honesty, it didn't bother me that badly.

BUT LUNCH! holy shit. 3 plates of salad, 1 orangina, and 1 large sparkling water.

wait...you ready?

seventy five dollars. seven, five, dot, zero, zero. at that point i thought st. barth's was super cute, and i loved it, but i needed to leave immediately and come back another time with a rich boyfriend.


Olle said...

Is that $75 for salads on plates made out of plastic?! amazing. Must've been some good salads.

Nice blog you've got. I am going to South Africa soon, anything I should know?

hungry girl said...

yes it is. plastic.

you should have lunch at the mount nelson.
you should eat grinadella lollies on the beach.
you should eat crayfish at hildebrands
you should drive to cape point and climb to the light house.
you should see hermanus if you have time.
you should go on a wine farm tour.
you should eat potjie kos.
you should eat biltong.
you should drink appletizers.
you should wear sunblock.
you should spend the day at clifton 4th beach.
you should order iced coffees (they use ice cream)
you should have a dom pedro for dessert (with kalhua)
you should shop at green market square.
you should see a performance of the musical "ipi ntombi" if you can.
you should have calamari at chapman's peak hotel at sunset.

anything else you need to know, you can email me.