oh, schiller's, i just can't stay away.

here we are again. schiller's. pimm's cups and nachos. hoorah!

anna. swede. another one sucked into my evil web of pimm's.

i asked this girl if i could take a picture of her for my website. she about fainted. maybe she thought i was a model scout or something. and she imagined calling her mom in virginia saying, "momma! i knew there was a reason i took that internship here!" little does she know, i am just using her mug for material.

this guy, too. but maybe he thought that smiling for my blackberry would get him laid. joke's on you sucka! blazers aren't my style.

back to the topic at hand...


no more nachos.

oh please let me scrape out a little bit more nachos!

and a hot maitrd wearing pegleg. apparently peg leg boys are awesome. can't wait to meet them one day.

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