guess the place!

ok. so it's kind of sad that i haven't been to this place ever. and i guess i technically still haven't BEEN, since i had it delivered.

it is SO GOOD! i can't believe it! i didn't buy into the hype, but seriously. it's amazing.

had a large pizza with pepperoni. and a salad. i mean, i shared it with two other people, but that's what i ordered.

the three of us couldn't finish the pizza, so i picked off the pepperoni from the leftover slices and shovelled 'em down.

kinda pricey. $36 for pizza and a salad. will DEF go back. makes joe's seem like domino's.

so...?? which joint am i talking about?


Trish said...

I'm guessing Lombardi's. They can be pretty cha-ching.... but many of the good places are. My habit is Arturo's on Houston & Thompson. Okay it's only a block from me but the pizza rocks.And now I'm craving it and they're closed for the night. Sob.

Shorts said...

Arturo's is so far superior to Lombardi's, it's not even close.

hungry girl said...

trish! you win a free pizza from lombardi's!

Anonymous said...

new park on the way to Rockaway