here is the thing. when i started this thing, i was mad and sad and just generally a horrible person to be around. i think that made it funny, cause i really only think i'm funny when i am being a total cunt.

the bad feelings mostly stemmed from my reactions to the boy...but i am so bored of being upset over that. it's like a rocky IV situation: the story is the same as before, the ending is the same as before, and you just couldn't care to watch another one. i mean, i will always love him and want him and wish there was an alernative ending on the dvd kind of thing-who knows. anything could happen. i just can't be sad over it anymore.

now, it's like, i am not that angry? or miserable? so it's hard for me to get inspired?

i have to find a new voice--or else put myself in more situations that irritate me. like ride the subway more often, or walk behind women with strollers. basically anything that makes me want to stick needles into my eyeballs or light myself on fire.

gonna work on that.


the following has nothing to do with soho or lunch. but, my god, this dog is just too much to handle. his name is mr. winkles. could you die? couldn't you just punch it for being so cute?

  • mr. winkle

    Anonymous said...

    funny funny!! MSIV

    Anonymous said...

    good for you

    Jane said...

    These doggie and kitty calendars. The doggies are stuffed. Like taxidermy. Just look at the cover.
    Gigi is second cutest, and she hasnt had any work done.