i went to this place for brunch years ago, and swore i wouldn't go back. it was crowded, and i was fresh off the boat from texas and disgruntled with any place that pretended to be southern in any way. it's like the ingredients lose all authentic flavor the minute they cross the mason dixon line. complete bullshit. seriously? those taco places are owned by chinese people. que?

but it was dinner time, so i thought i would give it a shot at redemtion.

it MAY be that my tastebuds have lost their hypersensitivity to true cajun flava. cause it was pretty good. and the crowd is much calmer at night. it is cozy and perfect for a winter dinner.

started off with a rolling rock--mmm, high school. wanted an abita light (louisana beer), but they didn't have it.

then a house salad. really good, nothing fancy, just good. served in a wooden bowl. anyone from texas...? remember the all you can eat salad bar at mr. gatti's pizza? same bowl.

then moved on to a cup of 4 alarm chili. for all your northerners, the more alarms, the hotter it is. for example, i am a 4 alarm chick. pamela anderson (used to be) is a 5 alarm. ugh, that was bad...

the chili was really good. really.

then andoullie and seafood gumbo. with a side of cornbread and honey. the gumbo was great. the cornbread could have been sweeter, instead of just putting the honey on top.

then we had key lime pie after that. not the best. i would have gone for pecan pie EXCEPT it was chocolate pecan pie. that is just wrong, wrong, wrong. no pic because i was too sick from eating so much.

CASH ONLY. rotten rotten rotten policy.

UPDATE: they take visa and MC now. i had my goons shake them up, it worked.

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