is castro dead or what?

went to lunch with my friend jessica.

her boyfriend and my boyfriend shared a house in college. so we weren't really friends then, so much as acquaintances that passed each other on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. and we both witnessed eachother having some nasty drunk fights with the boys.

every stereotype you have heard about southern state schools is true. and so are the ones about sororities and fraternities. although, when i was there, the whole girl on girl thing that you see in girls gone wild wasn't really happening. and i was a virgin nearly the whole way through. in college i learned that my kids are NOT going to college. unless i want them get a head start on cirrhosis of the liver. and a few STD's.

like a good sorority girl, i shoved that corn deep. decent. la esquina is better.

i have this thing for rice and beans...i just can't get enough. jessica had the diablo sandwich with is truly the best thing for lunch there. i can't explain, just go try it.

fun lunch, wasn't too crowded. jappy girls next to us talked really loud and screetchy. but when they left it was all good.


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hungry girl said...

HAHAHAHA!!! that is hilarious.

That homeslice dude said...

Jessica's really cute.