hip to be square

i found somewhere i liked!

i love it. i hope it doesn't blow up. i swear to god i want you to stand up if you see me walk in, and give me your table. and say thank you as you do it. you'll know who i am by the dirty looks i give everyone in the joint.

square diner. west broadway and leonard, i think. too cute. wooden slat ceiling. tiny. perfect.

warning: fresh squeezed orange juice = tropicana. but they will still say it's fresh squeezed even if you ask, "are you sure this is fresh squeezed?" no matter.

fruit salad had mango slices in it. which really impressed me.

ordered a lumberjack breakfast. it should have been called the meat breakfast. cause there was a lot of meat. see that ham hiding under the eggs? that was discovered after excavating the bacon and sausage.

for $1 extra you can have real maple syrup. whatever that means. i got it cause apparently you are unsophisticated if you like aunt jemima.

i guess i couldn't ruin my perfect, perfect buckwheat pancakes with corn syrup, though.

now you see it.

now you don't.

i lurve this place. (annie hall anyone? "i more than love you. i lurve you.")

cash only, but ATM inside, which is impressive cause the whole place is only 33.3 sf big.

$30 for breaky. super nice waitstaff.

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noTORiou$ said...

New legend meet old legend.
I knew there was a reason why I loved you! I have been feeding my face at the square ever since I first stumbled in that little box back in 97. Thanks for keeping it real, yo.