sunday brunch

on sunday i had my favorite brunch. booze.

this man is corey. i met corey three years ago. and by met, i mean he served me a drink. i have never seen him from the waist down. nooo, silly. not because i never gave him a blow job! because he is behind a bar every single time i see him. does that make him a real friend or a pay as you go friend? he is a very sexy black man.

corey makes the best cocktails in all of manhattan. and i should know. not only because i consume them, but because i was a barmaid in a past life. that life is called my 20's.

i highly recommend the pimm's cup. don't have a pic of it because they make me too drunk to remember shit. too many of those and you'll end up with your skirt over your head climbing the scaffolding on rivington. true story. i think i still have a scar from skinning my knee that night. let me check....yup, still there.


i really like the food at schiller's. the burgers are good, the shrimp in garlic butter is good, the nachos are amazing.

i love their nachos. 4 of us ordered them to share. i KNEW that wasn't going to happen. i was right. i ate the whole thing.

what? just order another one.

so we did.

then my tummy hurt. are you kidding? booze and beans?

but tons of fun!

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