i went away. out of the country. to a place where the food was horrible. but the surfing was fun, until i stepped on a sea urchin.

that is what i had for lunch today. i almost slept through lunch on the plane except the sweet woman next to me who dressed up for the flight and did that cross thing on her face before take off goes:

"lady. lady!" with a nudge. "you wan de lunch?"

i said no, sweetly. poor thing, she just wanted me to get my full fair's worth of experience. but then i saw it was penne with tomato sauce. i CANNOT pass up penne with tomato sauce on a plane. so i grabbed the gay steward (do they still call them that?) by the ass, he got excited until he saw i was a chick, and demanded a plastic tray of my own. i scarfed it down. every last mushy noodle.

this is what i had for dinner.


Shorts said...

So, which meal tasted better?

hungry girl said...

well, techinically club soda and anti-diahreal medication is not a meal.

Shorts said...

Technically...but I'm sure it tasted better!

Brett Ashley said...

plane food is never a good choice, you're better off starving.