this is way cooler than a picture of the brie and tomato baguette i had for lunch!

they're testing to see if i am human. they say i have a 50/50 shot.

by the looks of that pitch black blood, i'd say more like 20/80.

by the way, quest diagnostics is a very, very strange place. you walk in, they take your blood, and you walk out. i bet there are less diseases in those biohazard trash bins then there are in my coffee from the deli. it's not too bad of an experience. they play Z 100 really loud and that seems to make everyone chipper.

i think it would be cool to be a "phlebotomist." just so i could say i was a phlebotomist. phlebotomist. phlebotomist. it sounds funnier the more you say it. phlebotomist....

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Anonymous said...

I like how the doctor used your hand to scratch his balls.