thai dinner

there is nothing i hate more than live music. i can handle a song, or two. but if it's not the rolling stones, i don't care to hear more than 10 minutes of it.

i was dragged to joes pub. the first song was great. the second song was good. then each song after that sounded the same and my ears hurt cause it was so loud. i think they even bled a little. just a little.

i like cd's. i can tell the band to play, tell them to shut up, and if i miss something i can ask them to repeat themselves.

i made my friend go with me to EAST VILLAGE THAI since i went with him to hell.

this place is unbelievable. you know you are there by the garfield clock on the wall. everything is so good and my best friend is thai so that gives me some sort of authority by proxy, i figure.

cash only. but worth a buck seventy five ATM fee.

the best thai food in new york city, hands down.

  • East Village Thai
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