i need help.

i just... i can't. i just don't know what is wrong with me. it's not that i don't actually have a reason to be at ikea, because i do. it's that i purposely don't eat before i go so that i just "happen" to be hungry when i get there.

it all started out well. but a glitch in the system (well, really i lost the receipt i was supposed to bring--it said it clearly in capitol letters on my form that i should, but i have this thing where i don't think the rules apply to me) meant i had to go to customer service after lunch. perfect! an excuse to eat cinnamon buns while i waited for my number to be called. i was 67 and they were only on 44. that was around 1:30pm. funny ha, ha. still loving that we are rocking ikea.

cut to 7:30pm, stuck in fucking new jersey STILL and i wanted someone to shove a self assembled bookshelf up my ass because i was sure it would feel better than the situation i was in.

i will never. i repeat: never! go back to ikea. it is way too expensive to save money that way. time is money, dog.

(but if anyone does go, can you pick up a pack of frozen meatballs for me? and the gravy mixture packet. um, and not to be greedy, but they recommend TWO gravy mixes for every pack of meatballs. that's all. no biggie.)

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roi said...

soraya looks a bit bigger in this post.
or is that not her?