being a texan, i know mexican food.

being a jew, well...i hate kosher food. but this place ROX!

there are only 2 reasons you would find yourself in the diamond disctrict.

1) you are looking for an engagement ring
2) you are looking to hock a gold chain to pay for crack

but, should you indeed find yourself there, i highly recommend this place

i also highly recommend saying hi to this guy (he wears the camo yarmulka--so he's hard find. ha.)

i would also get the falafel platter. for $8.95 you get 6 balls and ALL the salad stuff you want. you can fill up 6 little plates if you want to. i think i figured out why their balls are the best. they are fluffy and sour. lots of lemon juice. this place is way better than "rainbow falafel" in union square. balls. balls. balls.

they have diet dr. pepper, too. which is awesome. and they take amex. i am thisclose to my upper class ticket on virgin atlantic.

lots of hot single jewish men. but they don't look at me because they can tell i am not a virgin by the tank tops i wear. and the tattoo on my wrist freaks them out because they know i can't be buried next to them.

by the way, the fact that i care about how much lunch costs is merely based on principal. not on any sort of cultural stereotype. same for my nose job. and my allowence. and my tanning membership. and my bmw. (just kidding, i don't have an allowence, tanning membership, or a bmw).

kosher deluxe. 46th street between 5th and 6th ave

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