my friend dragged me to brooklyn. sure there are tons of hot guys there, but my friend is a guy. and everyone assumes we are a couple when we go out. so i get NO love. it's a problem.

went to see grizzly bear play with the brooklyn philharmonic. that was the worst orchestra i have ever heard. like dying cats. but they all looked like they were having fun, so, good for them. speaking of dying cats, grizzly bear wasn't far from it too. the only song i like was the last one they played. it really got to me, it was haunting and beautiful and it made me like the band a little more than hate level.

of course, i youtubed the song and it was originally sung by the crystals in the 60's. viddy this:

i like a girl saying he hit me, not a boy saying he hit me. makes him seem like a fucking pussy.


we walked past this place called the smoke joint. ya, ha. funny. not. but it smelled like bbq so we gave it a shot.

we split an iceberg wedge salad. i had baby back ribs. he had pulled pork. we had beans, fries, sweet tea (for the record, real texans don't put sugar in their tea), and two shots of some crazy delicious small batch bourbon. the ribs' meat fell right off, and was a tiny bit crunchy on the outside. the beans were super sweet, a little too sweet. i put ketchup in them to cut it. the fries were really good. i didn't try the pulled pork. the iceberg was ok, rusty knot's is better. the peeps next to us had spicy chicken wings and those looked good too.

the prices were very very reasonable. the service was stellar. in fact i had a little lesbian crush on the waitress. it's probably cause she smiled at me more than any man has in years. and to my surprise, when i went to their website, a HUGE picture of her smiling at me popped up! how adorable.

i recommend.

smoke joint


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